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  Zhu zhou HongXin insdustrial Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturers which produces plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger unit, cooling unit, water tank, soda mixer and water supply equipment and a high-tech enterprises which consists of thermal device product development,design,production and sales.Our brand”HongXin” is a famous trademark in hunan, and it was identified as quality credit AAA enterprise in hunan province in 2009.

  Adhering to the principle of “do in advance to be”, do things seriously, good faith, we always stride towards a goal that ”Hongxin industry, heat exchanger experts” . We do our best to make first-class product that is “zero defect, zero complaint” and provide the best service, create the loudest brand ,creating economic and social value for customerswhole heartedly.

  The company has advanced process equipment, complete special equipment which produces various heat exchanger. And we has press, mold, punching machine, lathe, drilling machine, milling machine ,boring machine, shearing machine, marking machine and so on. More than two hundred sets equipment. Treating the product quality as enterprise life, Our company observe the ISO9001quality management system and; follow the target "quality and prestige first ". We also provide customers with first-class service and create the most advanced plate heat exchanger product, eventually create internationally competitive world-class thermal enterprises.

  Plate heat exchanger material is complete: Suitable for different material medium such as 304,316,316L,titanium, hastelloy alloy C-276, nickel ,254SMO,310S and so on. Sealing gasket: Epdm pad (E), Nitrile cushion pad (N), fluorine (F), fluorine food (ES) and so on. Products from the design and manufacture to test all accord with NB/T 47004-47004 《plate heat exchanger》national standards and industry standards. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  The company is located at Tianyuan district, Zhuzhou , Hunan. the intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Xiang-qian trunk railway, Hunan kiangsi railway. And expressway of Jinggangao, Hukun and high-speed rail of Wuguang and Hukun go through it, the traffic communication of it is very convenient.

 Zhuzhou Hong Xin Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Our service target: Satisfy the customers' demand and surpass their expectation .

  Our company could implement the full of specific content meticulously about product technical quality,technical service and after-sales service, to provide users with quality products and best service.

   Our products are in accord with the relevant state standard requirement to provide the factory technical documents, and the bidding documents and other related contract to provide the required information.

   During the period of equipment manufacture, we write reports regularly and actively about our company's technical preparation, quality control , production progress and users’ opinions even improved working according to users' opinion.

   According to product installation, examination, acceptance and maintenance, we provide users with technical advice and send personnel to the scene for technical guidance services  following users’ requirements .

   After delivery, if product appears quality problem such as product design and manufacture in contract period, we are responsible for repairment for free until the replacement.

   The product which is beyond the guarantee, we also provide equipment’s after-sales service such as servicing and exchange when your have problems.

   The user information on the quality of products, we wil respond within 24 hours after receiving the information.

   All the factory equipment are up to national, industry and enterprise standard, which is aim to ensure the factory equipment advancement, practicality and reliability.