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Microchannel heat exchanger drives energy saving technical of air conditioning to progress
author: Administrators source: This station time:2016.11.09
  Because of  its efficient heat transfer performance, compact structure and cost advantage Microchannel heat exchanger is gradually applied in the commercial, household refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the research related  to it  also get more attention and become a research hot spot in the field of related. This is a reporter from the department of thermal engineering, Tsinghua university professor Joe lee recently learned of a speech of related content.

  For refrigeration and air conditioning industry, how to provide with a stable and reliable, energy efficient products is an important proposition in this field. Rely on improving the components in the system performance, such as the use of high efficiency compressor, efficient fan) or increase the area of the heat exchanger to improve product can effect comparing, which certainly will increase the cost of equipment, causing a lot of waste of non-renewable resources, but also increase the cost of the consumers to buy.

  According to the introduction of professor Joe lee, microchannel heat exchanger for air conditioner basic structure for multiple pathways aluminum strip tube, corrugated fin (open crack), the overall welding and tube side more commonly.  It has significant effect in low carbon energy saving, and reduce air conditioning manufacturing costs, improve product market competition advantage.

  In particular the advantages displays in: thermal performance is good and can effectively reduce the fan power; Help reduce the refrigerant filling quantity, which is very important to use the natural working substance combustible;  It saves more materials to reduce the manufacturing cost;  The corrosion resistance is excellent.

  Lee Junming also pointed out that   there is also the key technical difficulties in the process of research of microchannel heat exchanger, namely how to solve the evaporator refrigerant two-phase fluid pathway in the son of uniform distribution, working condition of heat exchanger in refrigeration, heating switch between running problems, as well as the defrosting water out.

  Midea conditioning domestic technology R&D center director li qiang told reporters that at present their company are also dedicated to the study of beauty air-conditioner with microchannel heat exchanger, and has set up a file in the small batch air conditioner using this product for customer inspection  test. For the technical difficulties, li qiang told reporters that the solving methods has got some breakthroughs.
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