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Save Resources & Energy to Create Energy-saving & Environment-friendly Enterprise
author: Administrators source: This station time:2016.11.09
  At 14 PM on 2,June, 2015, officials of zhuzhou goverrment came to our company and participated in a conference whose theme is “Outstand demonstration project, focus on summary and development, strengthen demonstration commercial” to exchange ideas between two enterprises. The . Mr.Tan, the leader of the company, attached great importance on this reference, and appointed Mr.Xu as the director of this project. Besides, all the staffs in bureaux office and financial department and workshop manangers were required to attend this reference.Based on the points of energy economy(efficiency), water economy(efficiency) and material economy(efficiency), Our company took technical and managerial measures  to enhance the utilization efficiency of resources, reduce resource consumption as far as possible and toreduce the environmental pollution. On the original basis of our company, we will take further improvement to transform gas using, electricity utilization, arboriculture of green plants,

  To achieve the target of healthy production and healthy living. Welcome all customers and peer enterprises to visit our company and check its situation in our company.
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