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Annual meeting of Zhuzhou association HVAC & R held successfully in 2015
author: Administrators source: This station time:2016.11.09
  HVAC refrigeration association annual meeting in Zhuzhou was successfully held in the rooftop villa on December 26, in 2015. This annual meeting activity wassponsored by zhuzhouHVAC refrigeration institute and washosted by Zhu zhouHung industrial Co.Ltd. Our activity aim:“innovation ,energy, green, open and sharing”, We keep pace with the times, interactwith  others, andinnovation,energy saving to develop the green technology. Share a bright bule sky .The meeting guests consisted of seven executive director of the institute, there were deputy director jianrong,Li from science and technology bureau, section chief Li Qing from construction bureau,headmaster WangHanqing  from Hunan University of Commerce, general manager Lu JianxinJian new from Hunan Heaven,Earth,air conditioning environmental protection engineering co, LTD, commissioner of the equipment and professor Hirotaka crown from Hunan University of technology,and professorLi can fromHunanUniversity of technology. And the meetings had some units, there were Urban planning and design institute in ZhuZhouZhuzhou, Architecture Design Institute in Zhuzhou,Zhuzhou1000 House Baiurban design co, LTD,Car zhuzhou Electric locomotiveResearch institute co, LTD,Zhuzhou era electronic technology co, LTD,Hunan CSR times electric vehicle co, LTD and Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co. Ltd.

  This meeting invited professorLi Can fromHunan University  of technology to share with “The UK BRE experiences sharing” and “Central air conditioning field construction experience sharing with tenstrokes” from general manager Lu Jianxin from HunanHeaven,Earth,air conditioning environmental protection engineering co, LTD, “Heat-source tower heat pump technology applied situation” from HunanDatsyuk tower of heat source heat pump technology engineering co, LTD, “The energy-efficient cases sharing of plate heat exchanger” from our company’s vice presidents. At the same time, we also invited some co-organizers such as BOARD Air Conditioning Co.Ltd、Zhuzhou Bai Mei  technology co, LTD、south  Pump Industry Co, Ltd, HunaYuan HENG Science & Technology Development Co LtdHai Kai-chuenpump (Group) Co, Ltd to participate in our meeting. They were interacting  with each expert, unit on site actively and enthusiastically. The successfully conference holding had a positive and effective role for promoting Hunan  HVAC academic exchanges and improved the influence of Zhuzhou institute of HVAC refrigeration. At last, we are grateful for each unit who participate in this annual meeting.
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