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  Wonderfully bright after-sales service, solving your problems,

  The user profile system: Set up specialized user profiles for each product, record production, inspection and usage completely.

  Tracking service system: Contact with user at least once every four months after products are sold to comprehend product usage at any time.

  Guarantee system: Any product  has  one- year guarantee.

  Timing services system: When  got a call from the customer, our conmany will send people to arrive at scene in the province within 24 hours and within 72 hours outside the province, caring service anytime and anywhere.

  “Today’s quality, tomorrow's market, sincere service  forever” is our standards of developing product and serving to users, we will put it through  the design and manufacture , sales and after-sales service.

  Pre-sale service:  Our company will provide you with style design and process design, select the best solution. According to your special requirements, design and manufacture the products wich you satisfied.

  Sales service: Our staff will accompany with you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist to draft the construction scheme and detailed process.

  After-sales service :Company will send technicians to guide equipment installation,  debug and train operators .And we provide telephone service for 24 hours , holiday service as usual.